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We would like to share some feedback/comments from the CBH pioneer group 2010.

 "I like CBH because it is a very structured and useful in going to the root of the problems. I also like this as an elegant model which is based on stoic philosophy that can be followed as a way of life rather than just as a therapeutic intervention"

~ Jyothi Chelamcharla

“CBH is a refreshing shift from the usual hypnotherapeutic techniques in dealing with problems.

Most psychotherapy focuses on the content of the problem.

CBH is different because it focuses on the process of the problem.
I find CBH very logical and structured yet very out-of-the-box.
Certainly a very powerful tool to include in the arsenal of therapeutic techniques to be used.”

~ Dr Alan Soh

“LCCH Asia reaching another milestone with its pioneer CBH group in Kuala Lumpur.   I love CBH because it has helped me and now I can use CBH to help others.
CBH will give you skills to work through those thoughts that control the emotional state. It is very powerful stuff’.
A truly integrative endeavour that asks questions about behaviour, cognition, emotions. It was a challenging and exciting course.”

~ Thevi Sinnadurai

'Learning the CBH was truly enjoyable and life changing for me. Irrational beliefs are the core of psychological distress for us humans. CBH which employs the REBT model with hypnotherapy teaches us to recognise, come up with rational and realistic counterparts, integrate these into our system in numerous interesting methods and maintaining these newly found beliefs by constant practice. Apart from being equipped to help our patients and empower them with lifelong skills to face adversities in their lives, it also had a profound effect on changing my outlook in life. '

~ Dr Gayathri

“The class, lecturers and students were wonderful. Unlike in fundamental Clinical Hypnosis class, we associated an event that made us distress to something normal and in a strange and contradictory way the event lead us closer in achieving our goals. Moving forward, Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy CBH emphasize on the belief rather than the event on why the distress should not bothers us.  After all it does not bother others. Having that belief, reprograming thoughts (i.e. from negative and destructive to positive and productive) through hypnosis are much quicker and permanent. I would suggest students completing their Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis to continue pursuing Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy.”

~ Ahmad Marzuki Ishak

“I was hesitant at first to sign up for CBH. I thought I should just concentrate on improving my skills in hypnotherapy with what I had already learnt, and there was already so much material I had learnt, from Certificate through to Diploma and through to Practitioner Diploma. Surely all that material is sufficient to make me a more than competent hypnotherapist, I thought.

However, at the back of my mind, I had the notion that one can never ever be "competent", just as one can never have enough learning, because if one were to set "competence" or learning as finite goals, one would stop growing, developing and improving. CBH brought this notion out from the back of my mind and made it tangible, as CBH and the principles of Albert Ellis's REBT which it embodies, provides a model which encourages a lifetime of learning, and provides the tools one needs for a lifetime of improvement, growth and development. I am so pleased I signed up for the course. I totally enjoyed myself, and having successfully challenged my unhealthy beliefs during the course, with the help of my very able course mates, am now a "changed" person! “

~ Ng Yi-Ching

“After the CBH, i can manage my own emotions and thoughts much better, I know I am responsible to make my day either sunny, rainny, shinny or stormy. I can now explain the unreasonable into reasonable. This is not only noticeable by myself, even friends and family notice the "new" me...”

~ Monica Low

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