Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Ms Thevi Sinnadurai PDCH from the LCCH conducted the first two-day workshop on the ‘Art of Changing using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)’ from 26-27 February 2011 in Kuala Lumpur.  Among the topics presented were on the introduction of NLP, presuppositions of NLP, unconscious filters, your internal world : representation system : VAK, eye accessing cues, body language, changing states, creating achievable outcomes (goals) and introduction to timeline therapy.

The course is in response to the many requests from students.  

Below are some of the feedback/comments from our students.

“I am more than satisfied with the aforementioned workshop. I bought the book on NLP by Richard Bandler last year but didn’t quite grasp the gist of it. Ms Thevi's presentation was succinct, pragmatic and thought stimulating. The handout notes are comprehensive and illustrative.  She is indeed an excellent lecturer---approachable, confidence inspiring, open minded ----need I elaborate more?   

But, but---I think you should advertise such useful workshop to attract and benefit more participants to make more fruitful exchange of views and knowledge. Perhaps at least 8-10 participants will be optimal.  However, I am not complaining --- we had personal attention from the dedicated coach and I had very communicative fellow participants. It was indeed an enjoyable weekend for me.” 
~ CY Wong

"The 2-day course, conducted by an experienced NLP practitioner who’s also well versed in hypnotherapy, was a great learning and sharing experience for me. Together with fellow-hypnotherapists, we explored the contents and application of both fields. The NLP books suddenly came alive! Thank you, Thevi.”
~ Lily Hor 

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